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Pugs, those adorable little doggies with massive round heads, smashed noses, curly tails, and prominent dark eyes, are absolutely irresistible. It's true! They are friendly, humorous dogs with superb temperaments. Pugs are known as the "natural clowns" of dog breeds and they certainly live up to their reputation. Keen, happy-go-lucky, animated, spirited, loyal, loving, and affectionate, are the perfect adjectives that describes this peppy animal.

Pugs are Great to be Around

Pugs are natural entertainers and will keep you amused. They are intelligent too. They bore easily and require variety with their training. They are strong willed as well, so you better let them know "who is the boss!" Nonetheless, there is no need to be harsh with your voice; your Pug will be sensitive to your voice tone. If you are calm, confident, yet firm, and consistent with the rules of the house, your Pug will respect you and be devoted for life.
Being neither highly-strung nor dull, Pugs make excellent watchdogs; however, they are not yappers either. They are perfect for apartment settings and behave immaculately with children and visitors. In many ways, a Pug is more of a dog for females than for males. It's probably because they are cozy little canines who will have no problem subsisting in your one bedroom apartment and not be slighted by all the fluffy pillows, closet full of shoes, and whatnot.
Pugs are not intimidated by other dogs and make wonderful playmates while out at the park. Oh, by the way, besides being the most lovable little creatures you ever laid your eyes on, Pugs have one unavoidable annoyance; they snore. This is due to their short muzzle, which makes them vulnerable to allergies and chronic breathing problems as well. Furthermore, do not stuff your Pug with food. Overfeeding them will cause them to eat more, which in turn results in a small obese Pug barely able to run around, as they love to do, and living much shorter lives. And if you really love your Pug, you want them around as long as possible. They are just so comfy!

It's a Pug's World

If you are a Pug lover, then you probably love all things well, "puggy." Our website offers a variety of Pug collectibles, Pug gifts, and other merchandise that will easily have you "pugging out." For instance, we understand that Pugs are inherently cute "au natural," however; we carry a collection of Pug costumes and Pug clothes that are sure to tempt you to cover up those small, chunky bodies, only because you are so smitten by their cuteness of course.
In addition, you can always grab one of our miniature Pugs to place by your computer as a reminder of your loyal little darling. If you really want to get "pugged out," our Pug wallpaper will vamp up your room in chic doggy style along with Pug photos to add a touch of pizzazz. Furthermore, while your adorable pooch enjoys the luxury of being the "world's most pampered Pug," you might as well protect those little Puggy feet with a set of Pug slippers, or how about silver Pug charms and silver Pug pendants, your Pug will be the talk of the dog park! Yes, it may seem a bit far-fetched, but that is the effect Pugs have on their owners, you just "Pug out" for some reason. Let's just call it "Pug love." No, we don't sell "Pug love," that comes naturally with your Pug.

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